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Wood Turning Classes

Basic Bowl Turning

   In basic bowl learn proper use and sharpening of the bowl gouge.   In the class you will carve a bowl  from start to finish.  We can use dry stable wood or concentrate on techniques for using fresh cut trees.

    Absolutely no experience or tools are required but it is recommended that you bring a dust mask.  Classes are limited to 2 people.   

                                                                                       Lidded Boxes

   You turn a hollowed form with a cover about 3" dia X 4" tall.  Boxes can then be enhanced with wire burning, texturing tools, dyes, or pyrography.


Small Project Kits              

   There are lots of small project kits such as Wine Bottle Stoppers, Bottle Openers,  Salt & Pepper Shakers and Pens.  Class includes one kit, you can buy other kits from my stock or bring some with you



     Hollowforms (which can also be called vases) are generally 5" dia X 8" tall.   I'll cover 1) how to hollow through a small hole at the top  2) how to measure wall thickness with a laser pointer and 3) how to reverse chuck to make a finished bottom.  No experience isneeded but it will take longer if you need to learn the tools and sharpening covered in the Bowl Turning class.


Classes Schedule

  I am remaining flexible this year.   If you are interested in a class please contact me.  Let me know which class you are interested in and we will find a time and day that works for both of us.  Classes are usually weekdays  9 - noon,  1 - 4 pm or 6:30 - 9:30 and occasionally on weekends.  All classes are $60.00 per person.  Maximum 2 people per class.




















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